About us

About us

Manuela bento Decor  Mission

Our Reason for Being is to offer a decorating service excellence, where trusts pass through personalized service to each customer. It is through the interpretation of the idea of ​​each customer and their personalized treatment we develop a project that aims to make only their moments at home and in their parties.

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We are a Portuguese company, which was founded in António José de Almeida Rua 111 R / ch in partnership with a firm of Engineer and Architecture in Coimbra.

The company established in 1990, was founded by Manuela Benedict Professor of Visual Education, has the course of Visual Arts A.R.C.A., holds diversified courses in interior decoration area based on flower study and its potential as a decorative element.

Their experience in the decoration, the contact with innovative materials, diversified plastic environments and new trends in this area, favoreram their creative capacity and its innovative and aesthetic sense.

 Over the recent 20 years of experience, the company has participation in several solo and group exhibitions.


Provide an interior design service and sale of products that every customer is treated with uniqueness, exclusivity in a quality environment and confiablidade


- Commitment

- Ethic

- Reliability

- Innovation

- Exclusivity

- Inspiration

- Integrity